Our decades of employment litigation and commercial litigation experience allow us to recognize the common pitfalls which often lead to costly litigation. The Louderback Law Group leverages this experience to develop a litigation risk assessment plans, procedures and best practices to limit our clients’ legal exposure. Litigation can have a devastating and disruptive effect on any sized business. An investment in assessing your business’ litigation risk and establishing best practices will not only help your business run smoothly, but will also help avoid litigation.

We offer the following litigation risk assessment and business services:

  • Implement trade secret protection policies
  • Review or develop electronically stored information retention and destruction policies
  • Review and implement manuals and procedures to ensure Labor Code compliance
  • Insurance policy review
  • Assist in on-boarding and off-boarding employees
  • Review enforceability of NDAs, non-compete and non-solicitation provisions
  • Investigate and generate reports for allegations of workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Contract review

The Louderback Law Group has vast experience in related practice areas, such as employement litigation, trade secrets litigation and commercial litigation.